Rod Woodson isn’t a fan of the Raiders’ new direction

The once a Raider, always a Raider vibe doesn’t keep a former Raider from questioning the current Raiders.

Hall of Fame defensive back Rod Woodson, who spent two years ing for the Raiders and four seasons on the coaching staff, isn’t a fan of the current direction of the team under old-new coach Jon Gruden.

Appearing in FS1’s Undisputed, Woodson questioned some of the personnel decisions made by the team in 2018.

Lynch, based on his revised contract, most likely will be there. The question is whether the success will be there, especially for the investment made in Gruden.

He goes to the Super bowl and he wins with Tony Dungy’s team, Woodson said. My question is how many Super Bowls do you have to win if you’re Mark Davis to justify $100 million?

Actually, none. Gruden needs merely to create a plausible sense every year that the Raiders could win the Super Bowl, since that’s what sell tickets and premium seats and suites and merchandise.

For 2018, it’s working. They simply need to win enough games that they’ll reasonably be expected to be competitive in 2019 and beyond. Given the kick in the ass that Gruden brought to the Tampa offense 16 years ago, chances are the Raiders will at least be better than they were a year ago which should be enough to get people to think they’ll be even better in 2019 and good enough in 2020.

Frank Gore won’t be back with the Colts in 2018, but another member of last year’s backfield will remain on the roster.

The Colts announced that they have re-signed Christine Michael.

Michael’s membership in the backfield last season was limited to offseason work. He suffered an injury in June’s minicamp and missed the rest of the year. That undisclosed injury came just a couple of weeks after Michael signed with the team, so his next game with the Colts will be his first.

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