NFL picks, wild-card playoffs: Steelers use Dolphins as postseason springboard

Wild-card weekend serves up three rematches out of the four games. Unfortunately, two of them have almost no relevance to their regular-season meetings. Thank the Great Quarterback Drought for that.

What can anyone take from the Raiderswin over the Texans with Derek Carr out and the third quarterback in three weeks, Connor Cook, on deck How do you evaluate the Dolphins-Steelers game when Matt Moore is starting Sunday, and when Ben Roethlisberger got hurt when they met before?

Theres more to comb through for the Giants-Packers game in Green Bay on Sunday, while Cheap Discount Jerseys the Lions-Seahawks game is a pretty clean slate while full of plenty of intriguing storylines itself.

For the record, the Raiders won that November game in Mexico City, but the Texans defense tops in the NFL in yardage for the season did hold the Derek Carr-led offense in check until the fourth quarter. Nobody should trust either offense, not Cooks nor Brock Osweilers. But if you had to trust one defense over the other, you have to trust the Texans, and not even think twice. Theyve won like this before.

The level of competition for the Lions jumped up fast at the end including this game, they got the Giants, Cowboys and now Seahawks on the road, and last week the Packers at home. The defense buckled in the last two, and thats going to be a big problem against Russell Wilson and Co. The Seahawksdefense is going to get tested by Matthew Stafford in his third playoff trip (second under Jim Caldwell) and coming off his best season overall. Shaking off the Seahawkshome-field advantage will be his biggest challenge.

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