It doesn’t matter how badly Irving wants to go to New York.

Only three players in the NBA can choose their fate: LeBron, Carmelo Anthony, and Dirk Nowitzki. The remaining 500 players are not fortunate enough to hold a no-trade clause rarely get to determine where they end up in a trade.

The fact remains New York doesn’t have the assets Cleveland — or anyone else for that matter — would want in return for a player of value. Yes, Anthony and LeBron are close friends, but Melo has his sights set on Houston. That could change, but for now, the Knicks’ star doesn’t want to join up and chase a ring with the Cavaliers.

As long as Anthony holds that position, New York has little to nothing to offer for Irving. The Knicks aren’t trading Kristaps Porzingis for Irving, whose contract expires in two years. You don’t need a WojBomb to figure that out. And aside from Tim Hardaway, rookie Frank Ntilikina — who didn’t play in Summer League — second-rounder Damyean Dotson, and second-year guard Ron Baker, the Knicks’ roster leaves much to be desired.

Cleveland isn’t going to trade Irving unless it’s on their terms. Moving him to New York doesn’t make any sense, at least not at the moment.

The Celtics have 10 first-round NBA draft picks in the next 3 years. Here’s how they got them

Let’s say the Grizzlies fall into a slump or run into the injury bug for the second time in three years. Their core is already old and isn’t getting any better. Zach Randolph Cheap Infant Jerseys is out the door already, and Tony Allen isn’t far behind.

Why not jump-start your rebuild by getting your first-round Cheap Jackie Robinson Jerseys pick back and maybe taking a prospect or two in the process? It makes sense for both sides if things start to go south in Memphis.

Zach Randolph and Memphis were perfect for each other

The greatest miracle the Grit ’N Grind Grizzlies pulled wasn’t making Memphis fall in love with the local basketball team (the South has long been a hoops mecca). It wasn’t providing a counterweight to a league getting faster, freer, and smaller. The biggest achievement of Grit ’N Grind was turning Zach Randolph into what he has become.

Randolph was the trouble child incarnate before arriving in Memphis. He’d been cast off from the Blazers, ridiculed with the Knicks, and salary-dumped by the Clippers. (The Clippers!) In Memphis — with stability, good coaching, and great teammates — he found a new identity and a real career.

Now, he’s been signed by the Sacramento Kings on a two-year deal to provide a veteran presence and buckets under his old coach Dave Joerger. Tell someone stuck in 2008 that Z-Bo would eventually be a stabilizing, culture-positive veteran for a young team. They’d laugh you out of the room! But we’re there.

This is the second meeting that Milwaukee will have with Rose, so there may be more smoke here than any of the meetings that had taken place before. However, it’s still a long ways off from being final for either side.

Milwaukee’s point guard situation isn’t great, to be sure. Malcolm Brogdon surprised the whole NBA after being selected in the second round, playing 75 games and winning Rookie of the Year. Matthew Dellavedova started most of the year, shooting under 40 percent from the field but filling Cheap Hockey Jerseys From China his role well in his first season away from Cleveland. It’s nothing against either player to call them one of the worst point Cheap Hats And Jerseys guard duos in the league.

However, the Bucks don’t need better point guards.

Durant’s cap hold was $31.8 million.

If Iguodala would have left, that number would’ve dropped to $109.7. Curry obviously got a raise, but the Warriors would leave his small cap hold ($18.2 million) on the books until the last minute and finalize his deal at the end. Shaun Livingston’s first-year salary on his new deal is about $3 million less than his cap hold, so the Warriors could have gotten down to $106.7 million by putting pen to paper first. Renounce the rights to Zaza Pachulia, Matt Barnes, David West, and Ian Clark, and that gets the Warriors down to about the cap level, once you add in small holds for any incomplete roster spot under 12.

Durant’s cap hold was $31.8 million. As soon as he officially signed his new deal, his actual salary would have replaced his hold on the Warriors’ books.

If Durant were to take the $25 million he ultimately took with Iguodala, then Gay could have slotted in with a starting salary in the $6-7 million range. But Durant would have been willing to sacrifice more, though, perhaps even enough to get Gay up to eight figures. If that were the case, Durant would have needed to sign for just $20 million next year to fit Gay in at a reasonable number.

The Heat can still go after another big-name free agent this summer. There is rumored interest between Miami and unrestricted scorer Rudy Gay, though no official reports have confirmed as much.

If the Heat can’t add a star, their best bet is to bring back the Cheap Girls Softball Jerseys group that almost pulled off the impossible. Miami started the season 11-30 before a 30-11 run brought the team to .500 for the season. The Heat didn’t make the playoffs, finishing in ninth place after tying with the Cheap Full Dye Softball Jerseys Chicago Bulls, who held the series tiebreaker, 2-1.

Jazz might try to replace Gordon Hayward with Otto Porter. That’s not going to work

After Gordon Hayward made the decision to leave Utah for the Boston Celtics on Tuesday, the Jazz are pivoting toward making an offer on Otto Porter, according to the Salt Lake Tribune’s Tony Jones.

Porter enters restricted free agency after his best season with the Washington Wizards. The 24-year-old forward averaged 13.4 points on 43.4 percent three-point shooting and could command multiple max offer sheets this summer. The Wizards reserve the right to match any competing offer on Porter to retain his services for the future, and they reportedly plan to do so.

“If lavar ball beats me I’ll superglue this wig to my head forever. It’s only one BIG BALLER BRAND and that’s me THE SHAQ BRAND. Wake up bro. I made more free throws in a game then the Points you averaged mr 2.2 a game. Respect this first balloter #relax #justwatchyoursonplay#shhhhhh #youtoloud#youcanneverbeattheonealboyz”
Shaq is demanding respect from LaVar Ball by dancing in a wig and betting that he’ll glue it to his head for the rest of his life. Shaq would assuredly dominate LaVar in the matchup, so Cheap NFL Jerseys Nike really it comes down to the sons.

This could actually be a pretty good game. Either way, our money’s on the O’Neals, so Cheap Authentic MLB Jerseys we may never see Shaq in that wig permanently, but we can always imagine what could have been.

Because other top Western Hemisphere teams will be missing big stars as well, Team USA should still be able to qualify with relative ease. Using lower-tier players won’t really build the USA Basketball program up any further unless the powers that be decide to start using high school players.

MLB trade rumors roundup: Justin Verlander, Justin Wilson, and more

A few big names are being bandied about in advance of the trade deadline, but until they actually get the call to say they’re going to another team they are technically only rumors in the rumor mill. So once again, we’ve rounded up all of the day’s hottest (or not so hot) trade rumors in one easy place for you to consume.

The Astros would really like to nab at least one of the Tigers’ available Justins, if not both. They’re not the only ones though, as the Brewers are also looking at acquiring the Verlander variety of Justin, while multiple teams are making calls about Wilson.

The Rockies have bullpen needs and management isn’t afraid to talk about it.

Boston is still reportedly very interested in the Giants’ Eduardo Nu?ez, because they are still obviously in need of a third baseman to fix their extensive problems at the hot corner.

In 48 games at third this year, Nu?ez has committed seven errors, and sports a -7 Rtot alongside a -3 Rtot (which would translate into -20 and -9 for a year’s worth of work at the hot corner). He also has a .941 fielding percentage, a full 23 points below league average.

So no, he would not be a significant upgrade defensively based on what Boston is currently working with. But they needed to do something, and with a a .297/.322/.409 line and four homers, 27 RBIs, 19 doubles, and 17 steals, he’s something that works.

Getting some offensive support and letting Devers settle in for Cheap Yankees Jerseys the time being is their best option and they went for it. Now they hope by the end of the season, when Nu?ez finishes up this Echl Cheap Jerseys rental stint and heads for free agency, Devers has successfully turned into the savior everyone expects him to be.

the Mariners could use Gray and would happily give up prospects to get him.

Gray could solidify Seattle’s rotations for multiple years, making it far easier to swallow sending top prospects to Oakland than if Gray were only a rental.

This grade gets a B- because while it may be true the Dipoto wants Gray in his rotation for the next two-plus years, well, so does everybody else. I’d like a refurbished, 3-bed/2-bath brownstone in Chelsea but student loans exist and I also need to eat food to survive. We all have hopes, Seattle.

In theory, the Mariners could use Gray and would happily give up prospects to get him. But at this point those prospects might not exist given that their farm system lacks the depth of other teams currently making offers, including the Brewers, Astros, and Cubs.

While the Mariners would have to give up top prospect Kyle Lewis and may be glad to do so, they just moved their No. 2 prospect Tyler O’Neill to get Marco Gonzales from St. Louis and they shipped another four prospects to Miami for David Phelps. Although Lewis is the 34th-ranked prospect on Baseball America’s Top 100 prospects list this season, he probably won’t be enough to beat out all the other offers on Manchester United Cheap Jerseys the table.

In short, the Yankees still have plenty of exciting new youth MLB Jerseys Usa to go around, and they added the 27-year-old Gray and his two-and-a-half years of team control to the organization in exchange for a haul of kids. Gray will help the Yankees get under the luxury tax threshold next season in much the same way that Judge and Frazier will, and that will allow the Yankees to have plenty of cash available for their next wave of major signings. That’s worth giving up prospects for, even leaving aside that Gray makes them a more capable contending team today.

Bartolo Colon tossed a (big, sexy) complete game at 44 years old

No matter how old he is, Big Sexy is still Big Sexy. Bartolo Colon proved last night that even at 44, he can still pitch with the kids. Now with the Minnesota Twins, Colon pitched a complete game against the Rangers on Friday, allowing four runs and nine hits on 106 pitches. He didn’t exactly stifle the Rangers, but he more than got the job done. The Twins backed him up with eight runs, giving Colon all the breathing room he needed.

The Dodgers were rumored to be in on Darvish even before the Rangers made him officially available, and before their current ace, Clayton Kershaw, hit the disabled list. With Kershaw on the DL because of his back for the second season in a row, though, and the plan of Kershaw and one of Zack Greinke or Rich Hill not enough in the past to push the Dodgers past the NLCS, Los Angeles went in a different direction for 2017 and added Darvish to the rotation.

Now, when Kershaw returns, they have him, Darvish and Hill, plus whichever of their other many capable but-oft-injured starters happen to be around in October. Thanks to whichever of the Dodgers’ seventeen former general managers read our piece on the subject.

Darvish is just a rental for the Dodgers, but four consecutive first-place finishes in the NL West have brought them no further than Game 6 of the NLCS, and the front office is trying not to make that five with yet another postseason defeat. Out of every pitcher available Wholesale NFL Jerseys China at the deadline, Darvish was the one with the best chance of turning that tide, so even if that’s his lone purpose, it’s Quality Cheap Jerseys a good one.

Sonny Gray’s Yankees debut marred by one bad pitch and three errors

It was a tall order for Sonny Gray to come in for his first start in a Yankee uniform and take on Corey Kluber on the road in what could be a Game 1 matchup of the ALDS.

the additions of Jose Quintana and Justin Wilson should shore up the Cubs’ rotation and bullpen, but they need to score more runs. Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo have been good, but not great this season. They need to start hitting like MVP candidates again.

The Cubs remain the favorite to win the NL Central, but teams aren’t just going to hand it to them. The Brewers appear to be for real, so the Cubs need more consistency.

Dodgers sluggers Chris Taylor, Corey Seager, Yasiel Puig, Justin Turner and Cody Bellinger hit a home run apiece in a 7-4 win over the Mets. With the win, the Dodgers became the first team to win 43 games in a 50-game span since the 1912 New York Giants.

Brewers starting pitcher Zach Davies gave up just one hit in seven scoreless innings in a 3-0 win over the Rays. Davies improved to 13-5 with a 4.18 ERA and has yet to lose a road start this season.

White Sox second baseman Yoan Moncada struck out three more times in a 4-1 loss to the Red Sox. The highly touted prospect, who was Chicago’s main return piece in the Chris Sale trade, is now batting .146 with 20 strikeouts in 15 games this season.

It’s hard to see Bryant, Machado and Arenado and not be wowed by their production Jerseys China to this point in their careers. I’d put them up there with legendary trios like Batman, Superman and Jerseys Wholesale Wonder Woman or bacon, lettuce and tomato. All three players are seemingly on Hall of Fame arcs.

Sure, it’s a projection, but it’s not hard to see how some current MLB talent at third — not just those three — could go on to Hall of Fame careers. Here’s how they’ve made their mark so far.

The Dodgers might be 2 months from regular season history

On July 20, we wrote about the Dodgers winning 11 in a row and the cushy lead they had built up in the NL West. That 11th win put them at 31-4 in their previous 35 games, which is unfathomably good: a full season at that pace would give a team 125 wins, which, spoiler, has never been done before.

Los Angeles would lose its next two games USA Basketball Cheap Jerseys after this column discussed how unstoppable the team had been, so please, never doubt the power of the written word again. The thing is, though, that the Dodgers quickly recovered, and they’ve rattled off nine wins in a row since those consecutive defeats, meaning they’re now 40-6 in their last 46 games. Forty wins. Six losses. An .870 winning percentage in that stretch. The winningest Lakers team of all time, the 1971-1972 edition that went 69-13, had an .841 winning percentage. Just two Lakers teams ever were even over the .800 mark.

Listen, we know it’s tough to catch up on everything happening Website For Cheap Jerseys in the baseball world each morning. Trying to find all of it while on your way to work or sitting at your desk just isn’t easy. It’s OK, though. Subscribe to our daily MLB newsletter and let us do the heavy lifting for you each morning to find the things you need to see.

So heed my proposal, dear reader. An orb-based future is one we can believe in. Depending on our pilot proposal program, we can slowly introduce more themed orbs for all of life’s decisions.

Cubs fans in forgiving mood for Steve Bartman after team gives him World Series ring

Steve Bartman, once Public Enemy No. 1 in Chicago, has apparently been forgiven by not just the Cubs, but their fans as well.

The Cubs’ announcement Monday that they had given a 2016 World Series ring to Bartman caught many by surprise. Bartman, of course, was vilified and threatened by Cubs fans for tipping a foul ball that left-fielder Moises Alou tried to catch near the stands during Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS. Chicago lost that game en route to blowing a 3-2 series lead to the Marlins.

The majority of fans on social media Monday seemed in a very forgiving mood of Bartman, and cheered the Cubs’ gesture.

Phillies fans had voted for Rose to be honored as part of the team’s annual Alumni Weekend, despite the fact he is on MLB’s permanently ineligible list and, thus, banned from Baseball Hall of Fame induction, for betting on baseball.

The wording of Rose’s quote in Wednesday’s news release appears to indicate that while the Phillies said the decision was made “with” Rose, it likely was a unilateral move on the team’s part and he acquiesced.

“While I am truly honored that the Phillies fans voted for me to be this year’s Wall of Fame inductee, I am concerned that other matters will overshadow the goodwill associated with Alumni Weekend,” Rose said in the statement, “and I agree with the decision not to participate.”

The Rose bobblehead that was scheduled to be given away Friday will not be distributed, and in lieu of honoring Rose on Saturday, the Phillies will instead pay tribute to past wall of fame inductees.

Fans with tickets to Friday’s or Saturday’s games can exchange Make Cheap Jerseys Online them Kids Cheap Jerseys for another 2017 game or get a refund, the team said.