Durant’s cap hold was $31.8 million.

If Iguodala would have left, that number would’ve dropped to $109.7. Curry obviously got a raise, but the Warriors would leave his small cap hold ($18.2 million) on the books until the last minute and finalize his deal at the end. Shaun Livingston’s first-year salary on his new deal is about $3 million less than his cap hold, so the Warriors could have gotten down to $106.7 million by putting pen to paper first. Renounce the rights to Zaza Pachulia, Matt Barnes, David West, and Ian Clark, and that gets the Warriors down to about the cap level, once you add in small holds for any incomplete roster spot under 12.

Durant’s cap hold was $31.8 million. As soon as he officially signed his new deal, his actual salary would have replaced his hold on the Warriors’ books.

If Durant were to take the $25 million he ultimately took with Iguodala, then Gay could have slotted in with a starting salary in the $6-7 million range. But Durant would have been willing to sacrifice more, though, perhaps even enough to get Gay up to eight figures. If that were the case, Durant would have needed to sign for just $20 million next year to fit Gay in at a reasonable number.

The Heat can still go after another big-name free agent this summer. There is rumored interest between Miami and unrestricted scorer Rudy Gay, though no official reports have confirmed as much.

If the Heat can’t add a star, their best bet is to bring back the Cheap Girls Softball Jerseys group that almost pulled off the impossible. Miami started the season 11-30 before a 30-11 run brought the team to .500 for the season. The Heat didn’t make the playoffs, finishing in ninth place after tying with the Cheap Full Dye Softball Jerseys Chicago Bulls, who held the series tiebreaker, 2-1.