NFL preseason Week 4: Patrick Mahomes shows off big arm in final exhibition

There weren’t many starters who played in Thursday’s final slate of NFL preseason games. Most starters were mere spectators as coaches used the final preseason game to determine which players will fill out the 53-man roster.

It was easy to see why Mahomes is not yet ready to be an NFL starter, as he struggled to be consistent against the Titans backups. But he also gave Chiefs fans reasons to be excited for the future when the team eventually moves on from Smith.

NFC championship game preview, anyone? Only if Green Bay’s defensive fixes really, really worked … and worked better than the Seahawks’ defensive fixes. Also, if the Seahawks’ defensive players who gripe about Russell Wilson getting Cheap Football Practice Jerseys preferential treatment can explain how that jibes with one of his few dependable targets, Jermaine Kearse, getting traded for another defensive player, Sheldon Richardson. Anyway … Seahawks, 24-23

The Kyle Shanahan-John Lynch era begins in the Bay Area, as does Cheap Green Bay Packers Jerseys the Tread Water Until We Can Get Kirk Cousins era. And neither of those is as magnetic as the start of the Christian McCaffrey era, near his former college home. If the rookie continues what he started in preseason, and Cam Newton is truly and fully recovered, the Panthers might have more fans on their side by the end. Panthers, 34-17

Running back David Johnson accounted for 36 percent of the Cardinals’ yards from scrimmage last season, the highest percentage in the NFL, and could be out for an extended period. Possible overreaction: Without Johnson, the offense is a 37-year-old quarterback and a 34-year-old wide receiver. That rarely translates to wins in the NFL.